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We have learnt how to control something invisible. Sound. This gives us the ability as acousticians to achieve something thrilling – to provide the listener with a total experience, free from distraction.

We have the skills, experience and tools. Everything we undertake we do to its fullest extent and with devoted exactitude. We marry functional technique with creative solutions. Our solutions are always in harmony with the overall design.

Our skills and passion rank us among the world’s best at what we do, and this we have proved time and again!

Being part of Norconsult AB gives us access to designers, interior decorators, architects and more. Norconsult’s staff includes specialists in structure-borne sound, vibrations, traffic noise, installation noise and more. We are accredited with quality and environmental certification ISO 9001/14001.


"…that hall sounds so fantastic. I truly feel like
I am playing better when performing at the "Gors"!

(the pianist and composer Vestard Shimkus about the acoustics
in Latvia´s new concert hall – see projects for more information).