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“Flygeln” is a refurbished industy hall located in the former Holmen industrial park, which serves as an important complement to the Luis de Geer concert hall. “Flygeln” is designed as a multi-purpose venue with the facility of adapting from convention/concert hall seating 600 people to a banqueting and concert hall for a 1200 person standing audience. This is made possible by the fact that the entire stalls and gallery can be hoisted up.

In its concert format, the hall can be used as an extra venue for the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra or, with reduced reverberation time, for popular music and conventions. In line with our recommendations, the ceiling joists were cut away giving greater volume and improved acoustic quality. This also made space for theatre techniques and a notably more interesting venue that still retains its industrial character.

In the building’s banqueting format, an entirely different acoustics has been achieved. This is obtained with the help of sound absorbing surfaces on the underside of the hoisted gallery and the synchronous exposure of low frequency absorbing surfaces on the walls. It thus serves as an excellent venue for rock music in particular, for which it has received high praise from visiting artists. The venue was inaugurated in 2006.

Architect: AG Arkitekter AB.