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Kanalhuset is the new radio and TV building in Gothenburg. It was inaugurated in 2007, after renovation and expansion of the former Hasselbladshuset, only five years old.

Akustikon was responsible for the design of the radio studios and all the structural acoustics in the building. The building’s flagship is the large radio studio which is a multi-purpose space suited both for theatrical performances as well as for acoustic and rock music. This has been achieved by raising the ceiling level to 7-8 metres, suitable distribution of sound diffusion on ceiling and walls, flexible reflectors and variable sound absorbing textiles on roller blinds. Adjacent to the studio are two control rooms, in separate corners of the room. One of these is used mainly for theatrical performances and the other for music.

In addition, Kanalhuset houses a large number of small studios, several of which are for self-operation. Compared with other studios, these have been fitted with strikingly generous window space, a factor that has placed heavy demands on the studios’ geometric design and acoustic treatment.

 The noticeably open editorial spaces are also interesting. In contrast to other open spaces, the screening separating the working areas is kept to a minimum. Fronting each working desk is just a relatively small transparent reflecting screen, which regulates the sound level of conversations, keeping it to a low level.