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Thank you for the fantastic acoustics” Linda Lampelius wrote after the very first concert held in the building, in which she was soloist with the Schönbrunn Orchestra from Vienna.

The new building, which was inaugurated in January 2011, was a complete reconstruction and expansion of the former CCC. The main hall was enlarged to more than twice its previous size. By a rearrangement of the side balconies and the introduction of side boxes, we were able to create a hall that was not merely a convention centre but also a first class concert hall. Important parts of the acoustic treatment were the slanting structures and cavities, along with the ribbing sited primarily on the side walls and fronts of the balconies. With the aid of acoustic curtains the reverberation time can be reduced from 2.1 to 1.6 seconds.

The hall has 1600 seats of which a number at the front of the stalls can be removed. The hall has been praised repeatedly for its acoustics by visiting musicians, both classical and pop. The building also houses a generous lecture hall and a large number of conference rooms.

Architect: Tengbom Arkitekter (previously Bergfjord & Ivarson).