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We know arenas! We have designed several arenas for sports and concerts and the Helsingborg Arena is one of the most recent. Many planners have made the mistake of dampening sound levels excessively. We guarantee that noise from match and audience is heard loud and clear, thus contributing to the overall experience. At the same time, we create the right preconditions for concerts with ‘heavy’ loudspeaker systems.

Many have been intrigued by the fact that the sound can be so clear despite the reverberation time being about 2.5 seconds. By means of studies of 3D models and a range of relevant simulated sound sources, we have been able to optimise which surfaces have to be treated. Our knowledge in this field means that we can design better and cheaper arenas.

The Helsingborg Arena seats 5500 people at concerts and 4700 at sports events. The arena can be subdivided in a variety of ways, which all function excellently in regard to acoustics. The arena was inaugurated on the 30th of November 2012.

Architect: Sweco Architects, Helsingborg.