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"I have had a few opportunities to perform at the great hall of "Gors" and, sincerely, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for helping that hall sound so fantastic! 
It is one of those rare occasions when the acoustic feeling is perfectly equally satisfying both when sitting in the hall listening to a performance and when being on the stage actually performing. The acoustics feel delicately warm with just the right amount of reverb to help the flow of the music yet all the details of the textures of sounds can be transparently heard anywhere in the hall. I truly feel like I am playing better when performing at the "Gors"!" (Vestrad Simkus, pianist)

“Gors”, Latvia’s new concert hall, is located in Rezekne, a town not far from the Russian border with 50,000 inhabitants. However, the catchment area is much larger. With financial help from the EU, they have succeeded in building this elegant concert hall. In addition to a main concert venue seating 1000 people the building also houses a multi-purpose hall for about 300, as well as a ‘wedding room’, rehearsal rooms and more.

The main auditorium is a unique multi-purpose hall in which all the seating of the front stalls is on elevating platforms, thus enabling a stepped seating arrangement. The platforms can also be lowered to the floor below where the seating can be removed and stored. In this way, it is possible to obtain a locale for a standing audience of up to 3000 people. The acoustics too is variable and the reverberation time – which can be up to 2.5 seconds depending on the state on stage – can be reduced to about 1.6 seconds using retractable acoustic curtains.

Very high demands were placed on sound insulation between the different auditoriums. These have been met by means of floating floor constructions and joints in the structural framework. The building was inaugurated in May 2013.

Architect: Vizuäläs modelëšanas studija, Riga.