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World-class acoustics
(French violin virtuoso Augustin Dumay, who chose SPIRA for his recordings)

In 2007, together with Wingårdhs Arkitekter, we won a contest for the design of a new concert hall and theatre in the province of Småland. The building, which was inaugurated on the 11th of November 2011, houses a concert hall with about 860 seats, a theatre seating 350, a multi-purpose hall and a café theatre.

The concert hall has a sparkling and generous sound quality that has been highly praised both by musicians in the hall’s own orchestra and by visiting soloists. The reverberation time can be varied from about 2.2 down to 1.5 seconds.

In addition to the acoustics, we were also responsible for planning the audiovisual installation throughout the building. The result is a loudspeaker arrangement well suited to the auditorium, which permits hard rock performances even though the hall is designed for symphonic music.

"Spira is not a hall, it is a space; crystal-clear, airy and balanced. Amazing acoustics with astonishing dynamics and reverberation even when amplifiers are used in productions. And you get this marvelous experience not only onstage but everywhere in the auditorium." (Hannu Koivola, principal conductor, referring to the concert hall’s acoustics)

Foto: Åke Eson Lindman