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The Uppsala Concert and Congress Hall is unique both in architecture and in acoustic solutions. The decision was made to locate the main auditorium at the top of the building, above the two smaller halls, which in turn were located over the large restaurant and banqueting hall. This arrangement has made especially heavy demands on vertical sound insulation. But it has also provided the auditorium with a foyer enjoying a magnificent view of the town.

Another unique feature of the main auditorium is the sound-spreading walls. To the architect’s delight we chose to use the same kind of wall panelling as selected for the exterior façade. By using panels in two different sizes and in varying pattern arrangements, we were able to achieve the desired effect. The spread and diffusion achieved by this method gave additional sound absorption properties to the retractable curtains in the ceiling. The reverberation time could thus be reduced from 2.1 to less than 1.5 seconds.

All the ceiling installations, including the curtains, are concealed above a net roofing. This roofing can be made to change colour by means of the sweeping illumination from the large number of LED lamps. To avoid the network roofing causing excessive sound absorption, measurements of absorption and transmission were conducted at DTU (Technical University of Denmark). The project was conducted in collaboration with Gade Mortensen Akustik A/S. Akustikon was also responsible for planning the audiovisual and theatrical technicalities, the latter in collaboration with Dick Hasselblad, theatrical consultant. The building was formally inaugurated in October 2007.

Architect: Henning Larsen Tegnestue, Denmark.