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The Vara Concert Hall has become something of a reference point for many later art centres. This is due partly to such a small municipality as Vara managing to build and run a concert hall of its own and partly on account of its extensive range of events. When the hall was planned, the clear intention was that the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra would be performing there. This proved so successful that the concert hall today is considered the GSO’s second home. The building houses an intimate hall seating 517 people. The stage is large enough for a complete symphony orchestra. With the help of mobile floor reflectors, the stage can also be adjusted to meet other requirements.

The rich programme of visiting performers in both classical and pop music testifies to the hall’s popularity. Simple means have been used to create a concert hall that satisfies most needs. Two additional smaller venues enable the building to also host modest conventions. Furthermore, by building the hall attached to the senior high school, the school kitchen enables them to serve food at concerts.

The Vara Concert Hall is a perfect instance of how well the outcome can be when enthusiasts inspire  each other and manage to do everything right. The building was inaugurated in 2003.

Architect: Triangeln Arkitekter, Trollhättan.