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"I have had the enormous pleasure working for years in the Västerås Concert Hall with my orchestra. Fantastic time for all involved; public, soloists, orchestra, we all knew we were privileged to enjoy music in a world class sonic environment; so warm, smooth and distinct, never unpleasant surprises." 
(Hannu Koivola, principal conductor of the hall orchestra 2002-2011)

When the Västerås Concert Hall was planned, the architect wished to have an oval auditorium. To avoid the acoustic problems this would create, we persuaded him to design instead a ‘shoebox’ inside an oval shell. This meant that there was a space surrounding the hall which we could use for expansion. With the help of 220 adjustable shutters, most of them motorised, this space can be exploited as diffusion chamber, thereby increasing the spatial volume (about 1500 cubic metres) and the diffusion, for example when accommodating larger orchestras.

Behind these shutters, there is the possibility of rolling down sound absorbing textiles – an elegant way of drastically reducing the hall’s reverberation time. It can be altered from 1.8 to 1.4 seconds thus meeting the needs of all loud music including hard rock. The hall seats 917 people. The building also contains a smaller hall, which has been much appreciated. It houses 150 people. The building was inaugurated in 2002.

Architect: AROS arkitekter, Västerås.